Dewalt DW4916 4" Knotted Wire Cup Brush

Dewalt DW4916 4" Knotted Wire Cup Brush
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Product Description

DEWALT DW4916 4" Knotted Cup Wire Brush.

DeWalt wire brush products are manufactured using highly specified wire grades and are constructed for perfect balance. These specifications provide a consistent level of industrial performance. Every wheel is 100-percent inspected to ensure that each meets the demanding quality and one of the highest wire content counts in the industry. Cup brushes are available in knotted and crimped wire and are used on angle grinders for applications such as weld cleaning, rust removal, and surface preparation.

Use on angel grinder for fast removal of heavy rust corrosion and spatter. Use to clean weld beads, angle weld, and corners in tight places. For roughening, deburring, and surface cleaning prior to welding. Wire size: .023. 5/8"-11 arbor hole. 3" knotted cup brush. Direct spindle mount on angle grinder. For fast removal of heavy rust, corrosion, weld scale, and spatter. Ideal for tight operations, corners, and angle welds. Wire size: .020. Maximum speed 14,000 RPM.