Amana 55436 In Style / Rail Router Bit Set

Amana 55436 In Style / Rail Router Bit  Set
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Product Description

AMANA 55436 IN STILE / RAIL ROUTER BIT SET LOOSE PANELS GOT YOU RATTLED? Cut your frames for a perfect fit!

The "IN-STILE" stile and rail sets are adjustable to fit various panel thicknesses. They are ideal for flat plywood panel doors using 1/4" or 1/2" plywood. The groove cutters on the "stick" side work like a little stacked dado set. Add or remove cutters and shims to fine-tune the fit of the panel and the door joints. Adjustable groove 7/16" to 17/32" for 1/2" plywood. Cuts frame stock from 5/8" through 1-1/8" thick. Each set includes separate assemblies for stile and rail with wrench and shim assortment.