Fein 63806195020 Multimaster 4-1/2 Inch Sanding Pad + Paper

Fein 63806195020 Multimaster 4-1/2 Inch Sanding Pad + Paper
Item# 63806195020
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Product Description

FEIN 63806195020 MULTI MASTER 4-1/2 Inch SANDING PAD WITH PAPER. 4 1/2 inch pad For light sanding on wood Patented innovation Reinvents the Oscillation tool Used in conjunction with the Fein FMM 250 MultiMaster Series The Fein 41/2 inch pad, the newest innovation by Fein for the FMM 250 Series MultiMaster. This revolutionary new accessory will change the way you look at smaller sanding jobs, with the power of the FMM 250 your sanding jobs will become much faster, easier and cleaner when used with the Fein Turbo Vac series. No other oscillating tool has the power or the ability to use such a sanding accessory. If you are a professional looking to add another item to your favorite tool or a homeowner with some sanding projects such as doors or cabinets you will find this accessory useful. Compared to other sanders. Compared to other small palm sanders this is an accessory that is cost effective and easy to attach. This new accessory sets the Fein MultiMaster worlds apart from any other oscillating tool in the market and makes your MultiMaster even more diverse. This patented sanding system will pay off for years to come!

Includes pad, 2 EACH 60grit, 80grit AND 180grit paper