Dewalt DW9052 5-3/8 X 30T Cordless Carbide Saw Blade

Dewalt DW9052 5-3/8 X 30T Cordless Carbide Saw Blade
Item# DW9052
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Product Description


Engineered to optimize cutting for cordless saws Carbide teeth on all blades except DW9053-steel Ultra-thin kerf for fast cutting Alternate face bevel tooth grind Anti-stick coating reduces friction and gum-up

DW9052 5-3/8 IN.CDLS SAW BLADE SIZE/DESC:5-3/8"/30T ARBOR:10mmAluminum/Non-Ferrous Metal Cutting 5-3/8-inch blade with 10mm arbor, 30 teeth FTG. Ultra thin kerf blade design - yields more cuts per charge by minimizing battery drain. Heavy duty tungsten carbide tips maintain sharp cutting edge for longer life. For cutting aluminum extrusions, brass, copper, and other non-ferrous metals. Use with DeWalt cordless 5-3/8-inch trim saws.

5-3/8", 30 Teeth Carbide Cordless Saw Blade, 10 MM Arbor, For Cutting Aluminum Extrusions, Brass, Copper, & Other Non-Ferrous Metals, Alternate Face Bevel Teeth Grind Provides Sharper Cutting Edge, Ultra Thin Kerf Blade For Fast Cutting, Anti-Stick Coating Reduces Friction & Gum Up, Professional Quality Cordless Ultra Thin Kerf Saw Blades Specifically Engineered To Optimize Cutting Performance & Maximize The Number Of Cuts Per Charge Of All DeWalt 5-3/8" & 6-1/2" Cordless Saws.