Bosch GTL3 Wall/Floor Covering Laser

Bosch GTL3 Wall/Floor Covering Laser
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Introducing Bosch Measuring and Layout Tools to North America! Enhance the precision, ease and efficiency of your work

Bosch GTL3 Wall/Floor Covering Laser

This is our number one seller for this catagory of lasers. It Projects 90 Lines for Squaring - Laser lines are positioned in front of laser base for easy centering over point and precise adjustment. Bright Highly Visible Laser Lines - Raise from the surface to project over uneven surfaces and are clear, sharp, and very precise for all tile and wall/floor covering surfacesWater and Dustproof - To ensure years of dependable operation (certified at IP54)Select 0 and 90 Degrees Lines Plus Optional 45 Degree Layout Line - At the press of a button. This provides 0, 45, 90, and 135 layout from a single set up.Magnet Attachment - Strong magnets on bottom of tool provide secure attachment on positioning plate and other ferrous-metal surfaces

Accuracy: Up to 1/16-in per 20-ft (1/8-in per 20-ft between 45 and 90 lines) Dimensions: 6.125 x 4 x 3.875 Laser Diode: Class II 635 nm, 1 mW Range: Up to 65-ft

1) - Laser Target (1) - Belt Pouch (1) - Versatile Steel Positioning Plate (4) -- AA 1.5V Batteries